After Temporary Profile Picture, Facebook to launch Temporary Relationship Status feature

31, Mar 2017 By Ravi Raj

Facebook is gradually becoming the national job of every country. To keep its popularity intact Facebook is launching new features every day to keep pace with ever ending demands particularly of the youth. Since its popularity in young generation is so high, Facebook has launched a new feature to cater to the increasing demand of the young generation.

Everything is temporary these days, even relationship
Everything is temporary these days, even relationship

Now Facebook will have a new feature called as “Temporary Relationship Status” In this feature people can change their relationship status temporarily for even half an hour just like the Temporary Profile picture. Young boys and girls are widely appreciating this feature as it is helping them to correctly mention their current status on Facebook. Talking about this feature, One of the DU student said, “Relationship status in colleges keep on changing, they can even change before you finish your cup of tea at a restaurant.. So this feature will help us to correctly mention our relationship status for smaller period also. This has not gone down well with JNU students as they think this will divert the attention of youth and they will not get enough crowd for conducting their educational gatherings.

This is also being widely appreciated by the Bollywood fraternity. Some stars namely Ranbir Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan , Kangna Ranaut etc.have given a thumbs up to this feature. According to them, they will be the highest beneficiary of this feature as they had uncountable no. of relationships in the past and are ready for new relationships in the future. It will help them perfectly dodge the media questions also. Though, Ranvir Singh is not happy with this. He is worried that post this feature Deepika will openly keep on changing her relationship status temporarily and that will keep on giving him heart attacks. Reacting to this some movie goers were watched saying: “After Befikre he does deserve that”