Women feel life after death too!

17, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: It is at least once in their lifetime the women prove of their foolishness. They do not understand it at initial level but when they realise of their stupidity. One woman was posing for a painting session at the suggestion of a renowned painter. She was continuously adjusting her posture for a striking painting. Despite this adjustment, neither the painter nor the lady was wholly satisfied. However, the portrait was to be completed.

Meanwhile, she suggested the painter depict a beautiful necklace around her neck. This idea came to her mind suddenly but the experienced painter was surprised at this impromptu advice. After a moment’s thought, she made it clear if she had died all of a sudden her husband would surely marry once again. By looking at the portrait the new wife would consider of the lustrous necklace and look for it frenetically.

When it is just a piece of painting it will not be found in spite of every frantic attempt. This will bring a rivalry between her husband and the newly wedded wife. The anxious painter tried to know of its advantage. She let him know of the benefit behind this contemplation. It will definitely bring solace to the dead soul and it is then her desire will be fulfilled. This made the painter realise the tagline Zindagi Ke Saath Bhi Aur Zindagi Ke Baad Bhi.

So far the painter was thinking of his art being the most creative but now he envisioned the woman’s mind is more imaginative than his artistic or arty ability. He had no fancy for being strung up to that rigid and quivering duality. There was something else also, linked particularly with the question of painting skills and his financial gains. He did not assume of his profit because it was going to happen by the portrait he was giving the final touch.