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Wrong words prised up lid of criticism

07, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Electronic modes provide the auto-correct facility. We are quite familiar with this handy, useful format. Whether it is our mobile phone or tablet or laptop, this arrangement gives a relief. However, it sometimes turns out to be a bane when autocorrect system changes the very meaning of the written word. In this regard, a mention that we had seen on actress Mahira, her son and her mother surprised us. This happened thus: When the famed actress Mahira wrote her son’s name Azlaan, it soon changed first into ‘assuming’ and later as ‘Azure’. It was only correctly spelt in her third final endeavour.

The story did not conclude at that very error. Mahira’s mother wrote ‘O.K. Meri Jaan’ in answer to her daughter. But quickly it autocorrected ‘O.K. Japan.’ This reminds of the same issue of classroom’s spellings’ mistake which is still a big burden to the students of the English-medium schools. They write weird spellings and even their copies are checked with the correct sign. A poet wrote, ‘There is no time to stand and stare’ which seems to have been entered into our incorrect writing. The mechanical method of auto-correction is also proving to be redundant with these kinds of reports.

As recently as on last Tuesday morning, a school van appeared running with the wrongly written word ‘SENT Mary’ in place of ‘St. Mary’s’ on the spacious open smooth road in the Cantonment area here. What was surprisingly worse was that even the students have missed this error in the bold letters. The driver could be unaware of the difference between the two contradictory words but how can the disciplined students be? If an actress like Mahira could feel uneasiness on the mistake, a layman also could not avoid at the first sight. Is this a slang form of the foreign language?