Saturday, 16th February, 2019

Apeshitbrain Sena files petition in court to change shape and colour of submarines, citing it to be vulgar

19, Feb 2018 By electroman

Apeshitbrain Sena, the most powerful sena in the country as of today has filed a petition in court to change the colour and shape of our Navy’s submarines. The reason they are giving for it is that the shape and color reminds them of something vulgar and is corrupting the minds of young people. It is hurting our feelings.

"Such a vulgar thing! This is not our culture."
“Such a vulgar thing! This is not our culture.”

A  sena member was giving interview to our reporter said. It is not in our culture to see such big black things out in the open. We must protect our culture by covering up these big things under water. they should not surface during daytime. Also media must blur out the images while doing news coverage. How boldly they are showing it in the front page. Why should it be always black? why cant it be yellow or pink?

Soon a fringe group of the Apeshitbrain Sena who call themselves the Teeniewilly sena launched in to action. They took out their sticks and started beating the crap out of a submarine docked nearby (Defence minister was taking selfie with it). No one is allowed to have a big thing like this in open. It hurts the sentiments of people with little things. When the reporter said that the newly launched submarine is a proud addition to our Navy and we should be praising it. The Teeniewilly sena member replied, Oh my god the launching of a submarine! it reminds me of the first time me and my sena leader ……. before he could finish the sentence another member gagged his mouth.

Suddenly all the sena members fainted when they saw some people washing the submarines hull with soap and water.