Monday, 27th May, 2019

Arguments need sagacity

25, Jul 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Communal considerations definitely dominate our mind. If our politicians reap advantage from such kind of thinking, the people are also not aloof from the effect. Gone are the days when the passengers never thought of conversing on communal angles.

While travelling in a train, it was realised how the passengers preferred to converse on communal matters. Politics has certainly influenced the people’s minds much. But there was no paucity of persons who take the conversation in a right direction. What was needed was an ability to argue. A flabby-bodied, moustache-bearing and spectacled man in his seventies was seated on the train’s general bogie seat. The train was running with its signal-suggesting speed. It was either too slow or too fast. One could say he took space of two persons visibly.

As the crowd of the passengers was surging after each stoppage, every new entrant urged him to make some space for sitting but he made an excuse of extreme knee pain. Looking at his older age none made a fuss of the situation by indulging in unnecessary arguments. Meanwhile, another older passenger’s arrival in the compartment brought the people conversing on different topics. That aged man allayed the tensed atmosphere through his attention-grabbing talk. Strangely enough, the plump person disagreed totally with the views of sagacious man. There were references from the mythological scripts, Kabir’s couplets, Tulsidas’ chaupai and so on. His stories hinted at the insight the readers usually find in the Panchatantra Tales. Despite his intelligent logical arguments, the pot-bellied man heckled continuously.

The portly man was enveloping his talk around the political opinions pervading in the country. In a rush of words, he expressed words annoying the passengers but they laughed out his points. Is it not a reality that Muslims still influence results of as many as 150 parliamentary seats.