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Bishops & Imam protest against SC quashing Section 377

12, Sep 2018 By Kannan

While the entire nation was welcoming the ruling by Supreme Court quashing the Section 377, few voices were heard protesting it vociferously. Coming together are Delhi Archbishop Anil Couto, Archdiocese of Gandhinagar archbishop Thomas Macwan, Imam Noor ur Rahman Barkati from Kolkata.

While Anil Couto earlier wanted Christians to pray and fast on every Friday for the “spiritual renewal” of the nation ahead of next year’s general elections, Thomas Macwan issued a directive to defeat ‘Nationalist Forces” and prevent them from “taking over the country”. The more direct and radical Imam Barkati earlier in the news after he warned ‘Jihad’ against India, if India is declared a Hindu State.

Arch Bishop of Delhi, Alan De- Lastic (second from right) with Naib Shahi Imam of Jama Maszid (mosque) Maulana Syad Ahmad Bukhari (on right) out side historic Jama Masque in New Delhi on January 29,1999. Naib Shahi Imam gave a speech critising the killing of an Australian missionary and his two sons in Orissa state recently. A march was held to protest the recent violance against Christian community, outside the Jama mosque. (photo by T.C. Malhotra)
We are not safe anymore!

Detailing their objections, the most articulate of the three was Anil Couto, who viewed the scrapping of colonial era act Section 377 as directly infringing on the minority religions. “Homosexuality is a sin by the book. The Church can never accept the unnatural practices by humans against the order of the God. Homosexuality is also treated the same way in Islam too”, he explained.

“See how the nation is celebrating this verdict. Even RSS has said homosexuality is not a crime, but only unnatural. Hindus have constantly evolving practices and customs. However, for Abrahamic religions the doctrine is fixed and cannot be amended the way like countries amend their constitutions” he reasoned out.

Seconding him was Imam Barkati, who felt the poor in minorities, who are vulnerable to become victims of homosexual predators would deviate from the main stream and this may result ever increasing population of Muslims in India. “This is a clever ploy by the Modi government to prune the minority population. The CJI, who was a Modi man was playing the role of liberal but only furthering the Hindutva agenda”.

It was then Archdiocese of Gandhinagar jumped into the discussion. “Yesterday I saw Ashok row Kavi, the oldest self-proclaimed gay was celebrating on television. You know, he is a staunch supporter of RSS. This entire drama was orchestrated by RSS. They intend to legalise and promote same-sex marriages only to reduce our population”.

When questioned if it is only about reducing population, even Hindus would reduce, Imam Barkati became angry and shouted “But, they are already so many. Even after continuously importing Bangladeshis and allowing polygamy for seven decades, Hindus remain more than 70% in this country. The rate of reduction in growth rate would be equal and thus put minorities in a disadvantaged position in the long run”.

He added “If Modi government doesn’t bring an amendment to constitution to keep Secion 377, the way they overruled the SC/ST ruling by the Supreme Court, I have no option but to initiate a Jihad”.

It was then Anil Couto asked Barkati “Jihad against whom”?

Barkati scratched his beard and said “Everybody”.