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Bride calls off wedding after learning that groom drives white Indica, calls him cab driver

26, Jan 2017 By fakingswappy

A 25 year old software engineer has called off her wedding with her groom, also a software engineer, after finding out that he drives a white colored Tata Indica car. When Faking News team inquired, Anita said that being a techie she often commuted to and from office in company operated cabs, most of which were Tata Indicas. So she had a fixed image in her mind that Tata Indica cars only driven by cab drivers and in fact Tata manufactured this car only for the transport companies, not for individuals. She then became disillusioned thinking that she was set to marry a cab driver and wondered if her colleagues and friends would start calling her cab driver’s wife.

Like any bride, this groom cried in his wedding
Like any bride, this groom cried in his wedding

When we asked the groom, Ramesh, why he purchased a white Indica, he replied that his ex-girlfriend loved long drives around the city, and to please her he had to purchase a car that was both cheap and fuel efficient. Only Tata Indica could fit the bill according to his capacity, and hence, he purchased it. He added that if he had known that his future wife would hate a white Indica, he would have married a different girl, because he loved his car.

When asked his plan regarding the car or the wedding, Ramesh added that he was now looking for potential buyers for his beloved car. He said thanks to Uber and Ola, lot of drivers were looking to purchase white Indicas. He hoped that he would get a good price from selling it. With that money in hand he planned to buy a new white Swift Dzire, another car he loved. But when faking news team asked him what if Anita would start equating Swift Dzire with cabs as it was also commonly used cab nowadays, Ramesh seemed perplexed, and our team left him at that.