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CBSE student passes exam due to grace marks, but is disappointed

03, May 2018 By MRP

Lakhs of students of CBSE Class 10 were affected by errors in the English question paper. While such things keep happening year after year and no solution has been found, protests by students and their parents too has become a regular affair. However, this time around there was heightened level of dissent and therefore the CBSE board was forced to take remedial measures. And so they did. By way of awarding two grace marks to every student who wrote the examination.

Students display the number of grace marks they got
Students display the number of grace marks they got

All the students were extremely happy with the move. As the two marks made a huge difference, they reworked their strategy for their future, in terms of which college to enroll in, which US university to do post-graduation in, which software company to intern in and get absorbed, which industry to start a start-up in, how many kids can they afford to have, how often can they visit India and so forth. However, Krupank Kumar was not impressed. In fact, he was depressed. With reason though.

Based on his performance, Krupank was certain that he would not pass the English paper. However, hoping against hope, he approached several of his teachers and friends as well, explaining the answers he had written and asked them if there was a chance of his passing. Each one categorically opined that there was no such chance and that he would fall short by two marks.

Given this, Krupank had already started taking private tuition for a resit in the English paper. In fact, he took the classes twice, just to be sure. Then came the decision of CBSE awarding two marks as grace. Instead of feeling elated – like all other students – that he would be getting exactly those two marks that would make him pass the exam, Krupank was disappointed. It was precisely the same question for which grace marks were given, that he had spent more than half an hour on. It was the longest answer in his answer paper and he was impressed with his own performance. But when he discussed his answers with others and quoted his assumedly wonderful answer, he was rebuked by them all. Now, his grouse seems to be that he had to unnecessarily spend so much time and put in so much effort in answering that question for the sake of two marks, which he would anyway eventually get even without any role of his.

Krupank’s teachers and friends whom he had approached earlier, called him to inform that with the grace marks he may now pass the paper. While faking happiness in front of them, within himself, he felt sad for the wasted effort. He felt cheated. He argued that he deserved more marks – the two marks that everyone got and at least two more for the effort he put that day in answering the question in question.