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CBSE withdraws topper’s result as parents fail to pose kissing him

01, Jun 2017 By MRP

Prathamank Kumar (name changed) who topped in the CBSE exams is now devastated. For, the CBSE has withdrawn his results, rightly so, as his family failed to pose for or produce a traditional photo where the parents kiss their ward, one on either cheek.

“The family has disappointed”, stated a CBSE official. “They have disappointed lakhs of students who were waiting to see such a photograph. They have disappointed the vast Indian population at large. Could not at least one of the parents come forward and place a peck on the son’s cheek. We do understand that sometimes a parent or both the parents may be out of town. But that is not the case here.”

Sad topper after not finding her photo in local newspaper
Sad topper after not finding her photo in local newspaper

The matter has now reached the education ministry. A spokesperson of the ministry said “This is utter disregard for our traditions. After all, the responsibility of the student does not end with scoring the highest marks. He or she has to set an example for the next batch of students. They should be made to understand that at least in such an event, they can get a kiss from their parents. Prathamank’s situation is rather unfortunate. The next best thing would have been to pose, shoving sweets in their son’s mouth. They should have put rasgullas in his mouth, one each, and taken photos of that.”

Prathamank’s parents are planning to approach the education minister to get their son’s result re-instated. They have offered to plant kisses on their ward’s cheeks everyday for the next 10 days and post the photos on social media. Sobbing, Prathamank’s mother said, “As soon as the results were announced, my son planned out his entire life. Right from his subjects in engineering and marks in each of them, to the US University where he will do his masters, the software companies he is going to work for in the valley, his trips to India, his two week vacation for his wedding, the start-ups he is going to float and the companies to whom he is going to sell them. But all that is gone now. He did not deserve this.”