That cellphone catches every network

15, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Arranged weddings are still the standard norm. We tend to solemnise nuptials traditionally. However, there is no paucity of examples where the prospective grooms visit the houses for securing a glimpse of the probable bride. In such one instance, one smart boy visited a house. The girl was also too bright to read the boy’s mind thoroughly. When they came face to face in their respective parents’ presence, the shy-natured girl observing a little more courtesy enquired the boy of the tea. The boy was nowhere introverting thereby his response for an offer of the tea was straight. Finding the boy quite outspoken the girl turned to the kitchen for preparing flavoured tea at her mother’s instructions.

Within a few minutes, she returned with a well-designed tray full of snacks and kettle. No sooner than she came near the relaxed boy enjoying conversation with her good-natured parents, the young man tried to pick up a few pieces of chips from the tray. The moment he decided on the chips his mobile rang up crazily. Therefore it was imperative for him to begin the conversation on the mobile set rather keep him engaged with the girl’s family. He started talking on the mobile. He did not realise that it was more or less the same village where once a politician faced problem in receiving the mobile network signal impeccably.

What the man was talking was in the girl’s audible range standing at a foot’s distance. She listened that the man was talking about some business deal which was recently finalised by him and he was to move to the US of A. Therefore, his engagements with other clients remained cancelled. So long as he continued his talk on the mobile, the girl meekly stood with the tray in hand. Suddenly looking at her the young man said, Oh, very sorry for your trouble. It was really my fault. I forgot to take tea in course of the conversation. Meanwhile, the disturbed with his mannerism the girl could not hold her saying of this village receiving no signal from any network. Hearing this fact the boy smiled a bit and consciously uttered his mobile phone was a natural one. It catches every network. The girl is still unconscious.