Chat & focus are mismatched

20, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The little boy only thought seeing his next-door lady neighbour’s two-hour long conversation with his mother at the front entrance door that she possessed sturdy stamina of foothold and chitchat. She was overheard saying that she could not sit down in the drawing-room because of her getting late for some important work. ‘You can understand my anxiety! Of course, it is natural, natural’, said she. But what his mother did not quite follow was why she had come to her. How could she help her? Felt boy’s mother in the vicinity. The boy looked a little embarrassed.

It transpired to him that the woman might have or may yet come to his mother with some very necessary purpose. She may conceivably say of that sort of the point in accordance with her comfort. However, she showed hurriedness and parted with a charming smile—amiable yet contemplative. Experiencing this kind of thing from the talkative neighbour the little boy began contemplating of the extreme strength she had possessed. He was unable to see how the woman had stood for such a long duration when ladies of her age used to complain of some sort of bodily pain in keeping up the same posture for such a long hours. That’s why they were seen to avoid the routine household chores so often.

The little boy considered why women were normally rejecting daily chores when they could indulge in the hour-long conversation in one posture. The young boy imagined of his position as he seldom devoted at least two hours in the home study.  His maximum time was half-an-hour every day. He concluded if he showed lackadaisical attitude in his daily study, the talkative women also stayed away from routine household chores owing to their lack of concentration. Therefore, there was no marked difference between the boyish nature and the womanish nature.