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Child announces he wants to be a comedian after completing 12th standard, family starts laughing immediately

19, Nov 2018 By varun chopra

Gone are the days when laughter was free and easy. Nowadays, open youtube, check out known pranksters and they would be traveling to foreign countries selling laughs and getting richer. Laughter fucking sells, it’s becoming expensive in this depressive world.laughing

Scrolling through various comic channels, Rahul Dua wrote a couple of punchlines and called all his friends to try his first version of open mike while preparing for the boards’ exam. Punch after punch after punch, all his friends wounded him badly on his face for wasting their hours with lame jokes while they could have studied to get that extra deci point of the percentage that would have mattered almost as that brilliant rat poop lying in the wardrobe for ages. But they choose to punch and so did he.

Day in, day out he watched the marvels of Bill Burr and got inspired to take this as a full-time career in life. Few weeks before the exam, he announced in front of all his family members and no one could resist laughing their lungs out for hours.

The cooker whistle blew up. He had a good start.