Complex and layered man decides to taste different flavour of ice cream and have complex thoughts

29, Aug 2017 By Ajinkya Lakhepatil

Pune: Local area man from Pune today revealed to our reporter that he is going to taste different flavour of ice cream. He proudly talked to our reporter, “Yes, definitely I am going to eat that different ice cream. I will taste it very soon. It is very true. There is nothing false about it.”

Man unable to solve his own complexity
Man unable to solve his own complexity

He continued with some mysticism in his voice, “Yes, I know that I am a complex person. I understand that people call me complex and layered person. It sometimes pains me but I have accepted my complexities. This complexity enables me to taste different flavour of ice cream. With my complexity comes my responsibility to eat different flavour of ice cream. The simplicity is indeed too simple to be true for ice cream.”

Talking about flavours of ice cream, the local and complex legend continued, “I know usual strawberry flavour, vanilla flavour, chocolate flavour and butterscotch flavour. I was dumbstruck after learning that there is another flavour called “PAN MASALA”. How can this be a flavour? It is impossible for this flavour to become an ice cream flavour. I couldn’t accept it as an ice cream flavour. But my complex nature came for my rescue. My innate complexities made me to think in complex ways. I mustered myself to finally accept this pan-masala as ice cream flavour and yes I am going to taste it.”

Our reporter understands that the complex man is very keen to think about other complex issues. The man added at the end of interview, “Duhha, I have to think in complex ways henceforth. It is my duty as a complex and layered person.”