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Couple skips pre wedding photoshoot; gets rejected for marriage certificate

04, Apr 2018 By bumbegum

New Delhi: In a recent incident, a recently married couple, not legally till now, was rejected by Divisional Magistrate for getting a Marriage Certificate, because they decided to skip having a Pre Wedding Photoshoot and Videography.

The husband and wife, Rajat and Sukriti, currently working in mundane, 9 to 5, pointless but highly reputed MBA jobs, decided to skip having a Pre Wedding Photoshoot, to save up for a fancy honeymoon trip. In conversation with Rajat and Sukriti, we learned that both were usual social media addicts, and took the decision to let go of this opportunity of uploading Pre Wedding album, only to save up for a fancy trip to Europe, and getting a Photoshoot there.

Married but unmarried?
Married but unmarried?

Unfortunately, their decision did not go down very well for both of them, and despite tying the knot in a fat Indian Wedding, and spending great money to treat unknown relatives and extended friends, Rajat and Sukriti are facing great challenge in getting their marriage certificate from the Magistrate.

Faking news tried to reach the Magistrate, Mr.Anand for his comments but failed to receive a response. His subordinate briefed us on the updated process of certification.

The new Certification process has been placed to avoid “Live in” couples trying to get marriage certificates for better housing options in Mumbai. Hence, before marriage certificates are provided, social media of the applicants are stalked, rating the couples PDA on a scale of 5, where Pre Wedding Photoshoot, Videography, Wedding Invitation Card Pictures/Video, Wedding Photoshoot, and Bride dancing to Kala Chashma, are necessary posts that should be published on both the couple’s profile.

If a couple fails to do any of the above, they are automatically disqualified for being legally married, as per the law.

Currently Rajat and Sukriti are trying to arrange for an option to compensate for Pre Wedding Photoshoot miss with First Night Photoshoot and have appealed before the Magistrate to accept the published post and give them their due Marriage Certificate.

Faking news wishes the couple a happy and legally married life!