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How did a couple tacitly copy Bhabhiji?

28, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Inspired by the TV serial’s character one couple also decided to follow the way. As every viewer is attentive with the communicative style of the famous character Bhabhiji, the wife tried to express the English words in that way. The meaning of the words remains the same but the very pronunciation is changed in enjoyable style. However, the couples were quite educated so they needed sufficient practice in speaking that particular style.

The lecturer wife attempted hard to twist the English words’ accent and happily started elocution that way. This was her maiden effort in order to follow the television serial character in toto. She was happy and contented at her accomplishment. She even did not lose a chance to show a performance to her employed husband. He was flabbergasted by her exact copying. He was overheard saying that he never imagined of this similarity.

As the couples’ birthday anniversary was nearing fast they were contemplating on a tour to some hilly station. But the drawback was that the wife’s college was not allowing her to leave of absence from the teaching work. The final examination was just two weeks ahead. In that case, the wife’s leave cancellation marred their exaggeratedly enthusiastic zest for an outing at some better picturesque mountainous location. So, they finally concluded on a local place near the Ganga river.

On a fine evening, they were ready to go to the Ganga Barrage for passing some enjoyable moments. Before they could lock the front door there rang the bell of the mobile, it was a phone from the wife’s college. She understood that it was her call from the college. Applying the famed Bhabhiji’s style she responded that Bibiji was along with her lovely hubby was out to have a good time on an ‘unnecessary’ birthday anniversary.