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Couples cultivate clash consequently

11, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: In our wonderful big country as many as 36 traits are matched for solemnising marriage between the man and the woman. But what genuinely misses throughout the length of life is the sheer absence of intense affection among the married couples. They keep on constantly wrangling over trifle matters. Their fights and growls do not end easily though transitory truce is maintained purposely. It is owing to this very reason the couples do not really feel a concern even at the death of either wife or husband, as the psychologists indicate.

Why they more often fight deliberately are a mystery. When did a wife ask her husband of the sharply pointed words pricking deeply? The husband reliably responded that there was no particular reason for this emotional damage. The wife’s next question was: Who would you save first if I along with my mother fell down jointly into the tiger’s iron cage? The husband rapidly replied this was nothing critical enquiry. Obviously the tiger deserved protection foremost as its numbers were receding fast.

Furthermore, instead of saving his wife from the perilous nagin coiled by her leg side, the Machiavellian hubby lowly prompted the snake for biting her or even sinking the sharp pointed poisonous teeth into the wife’s muscles. Enraged with this hint, the curled nagin retorted: “Beware! My very presence is for touching her feet as she is the guru.” If couples do not make the grade despite being the life partners by their vows, it can only be said that the man is lesser to the woman in so far as he is definitely not a female. In the same way, a lady is only inferior to a male in the matter of being not so manly. She is certainly lower in nothing else. It cannot be rejected anyhow.