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Cow vigilantes lynch another group of cow vigilantes returning with confiscated mutton after a lynching

17, Jul 2017 By electroman

In a shocking news a group of cow vigilantes have lynched a group of people carrying meat on suspicion that it might be beef. As it turns out that the other group was also a cow vigilante group on its way back from a fresh lynching in the nearby area. Police came down and arrested the cow vigilante group 1 for lynching the cow vigilante group 2.

The winning group
The winning group

Then police sent the meat to a nearby lab to confirm if it is beef or mutton, as it is the most important thing in the universe rather than providing free ambulance service(for humans of course) or finding a cure for AIDS. Since the lab was already full with the fresh samples from the nearby river after spending 7000 crores to clean it.

Meanwhile a cow vigilante group 3 attacked the police convoy carrying the sample on suspicion of carrying beef. During the commotion the sample was dropped on the road and a dog ate it. On seeing this a cow vigilante group 4 lynched the dog. When local municipal workers came to carry the dead dog to the nearest garbage dump. A cow vigilante group 5 intercepted them and beat them up on suspicion of carrying beef.

While the culprits were being prosecuted in the court, Censor board chief was waiting outside with scissors to cut the tongues of people who said the word cow during the argument.