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Dad buys Whisper for his son, because it helps Sharmaji ki Beti to concentrate better during exams

26, Apr 2019 By electroman

A Delhi dad created a lot of commotion in his house today after he tried to improve his son’s studies. After seeing so many ads in TV about sanitary pads which were helping girls to concentrate in exams, dance, horse riding, wear white pants, becoming astronaut etc, he came to a conclusion that they are playing a pivotal role in studies. He also saw his neighbour Sharmaji carrying what appeared to be a weightless parcel wrapped in newspaper the other day. Indians are always careful about wrapping sanitary pads in newspaper while buying, so they are not ashamed of carrying it, but will piss and spit on the streets without hesitation.

What should I do with them!
What should I do with them!

So our dad was convinced that Sharmaji ki beti was better at studies because of sanitary pads. So he went to the nearby medical shop and asked for a sanitary napkin. As a regular Indian male who has never bought or know or seen a sanitary napkin, he asked the shopwala for a napkin.

Dad: Ek napkin dedo

Shopwala: Medium or XL

Dad: XXL hai?

And he successfully comes home with the package of Whisper.

He then went on and gave it to his son. Then the following transpired.

Dad: Here take this Whisper, you can concentrate better in exams.

Son: Papa why do I need whisper? I’m not a girl.

Dad: Sharmaji ka beti is using this. You can also get good marks if you use it.

Son: But I don’t menstruate, so how can I use it

Dad: That’s why boys are always scoring less than girls in every exam. You don’t concentrate or menstruate.

Son faints..