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Delhi constructs new sky scraper with help of Swachh Bharat

14, Sep 2018 By hary

Move over Burj Khalifa, Empire state building or Eiffel tower. Our country will soon be the first to construct a sky scraper using scraped and waste resources.

Mountaineers hiking!
Mountaineers hiking!

You could have heard of reusable resources, green construction, or whatever, but our country has set goals for the environment that will send shivers down every single developed country, especially the organizations campaigning for global warming and green tribunals.

Yes, Delhi’s Garbage dump is now just 8 meters short of reaching Qutub Minar’s altitude. Once this is achieved, progress will be ten-fold. Schemes like Swachh Bharat which focuses more on how to take selfie while cleaning tissue papers in toilet and post on FB are one of the reasons for the garbage dump growth as per various Gov officials who take care of the waste management.

Delhi has already surpassed the toxic levels of living and terrorists are toying with idea of doing reseach on Delhi’s air pollution as they are easy means of kill. Now all that the waste management officials have to do is to concentrate all dumping at Ghazipur and we could build our own sky scraper.

One climb and you get to witness a beautiful toxic smog, smell a thousand unwashed underwear, inhale cancer at free of cost and finally apply insurance that instant.