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Differently defined words delight

14, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: When during a course of informal discussion a young boy of below ten years described the full form of the BMW as Bablu Makhan Wala it brought only peals of laughter to all those persons standing around him. When a few days later, another expansion of the same word BMW popped up as Bartun Majne Wali, it further brought, even more, amount of the intense mirth. Still further the third version became familiar with another expansion as Brain Medium Wala.

How far have we travelled from its original meaning or connotation? This is the human ingenuity which turns out lifeless into life worthy meaning. There is no end to these particulars. We do come across such kinds of expression in our daily routine turbulent lives. It cannot wholly be rejected altogether. There is an adequate amount of accuracy in this verbal expansive flow.

Some expand the word, scam as specially, conveniently, automatically and mentally. But does such sort of expansion correctly define the heavy four-letter term? There are so many unlike words finding diverse expression and also giving us upturned meaning or fine distinction. Distorted versions get a place in every language.

The analysts upend the meaning of the regular words in their defining meticulousness. This is even made easier by the grammatical guidance. The core meaning remains purposefully similar regardless of the usual opposition by the people. Perhaps it is worth noticeable while the power disparity is always not plain.

Sometimes we were not wholly conscious of the words like fortnight (forty nights), sir (standing in respect), Bob’s your uncle (and that’s it!), Sod’s Law or Murphy’s Law (whatever can go wrong, will go wrong) or Pokies (pork pies) and etc. While at another time we go through distinct meaning words which first look quite interesting and amusing.