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Doctors' bills keep patients away

23, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Does this proverb work in today’s medical profession? No, it is not at all. If anyone comes forward in support of this hypothesis, one is double-dealing just to raise the sale of the reddish hilly apples. We surely do not get those apples which are produced in Mediterranean type of climate. It might be that proverb has been related to the fruit’s that type of varieties. A doctor is no longer a philanthropist. He is not a kind, generous kind of person but he also thinks of earning money like other professionals.

Doctor reacting after reading this news
Doctor reacting after reading this news

Although the doctors do not fail to assert of the medical science as the wonder of the modern age yet they also declare with an emphatic tone that the real victory of the science is to erase the disease. This constant equanimity appears very nice but who can approve this poise after undergoing unkind understanding of the expensive treatment? If there will be no ailments and deadly diseases, there will arise a serious problem. How can then run the companies and the doctors’ practice? Will the doctors start treating the animals? A very discomfited situation will come up.

This can be more precisely comprehended with this example. Concerned with his complex sickness, an unemployed youthful patient reached a surgeon’s clinic with confidence. His number was fifth in the order. So he waited for nearly half-an-hour. The time approached when he was narrating his symptoms to the qualified doctor who listened to him patiently. His problem was something different from other ailing patients. He every complained: When retires on the bed, he feels someone is hiding under his well-designed bed. When he begins to check it, he believes someone is sitting on his soft bed. Up, down, up, down go incessantly actually making him nutty. His problem was something complex and extraordinary.

The doctor paused to contemplate for about 90 seconds. This was certainly a long contemplation as experts quickly catch the ailment and recommend required medicines. But in that special case, the doctor advised him a lengthy treatment. To be clearer it was a treatment to be stretched for over one long year. This sent him a big shock as an opened electric wire has touched him suddenly. Meanwhile, the doctor hurriedly advised him five-day a week check-up. That young patient made his mind to enquire of the doctor’s daily consulting fee. He was a kind of doctor who never liked to see X-ray copies prepared through old method. He always desired the digital copy. Therefore he disclosed he would take a sum of five hundred rupees on every visit. Okay, said the disturbed patient. He started thinking of it seriously.

Such an expensive treatment led the patient to stop going to the desk doctor. This is the trend in our society. By chance, he happened to meet the doctor on the way after a month. The experienced doctor enquired of the reason behind his absence. The patient confidently told him as your fee was too much, it was better to remain not in attendance. His ailment was cured only in a paltry sum of one hundred rupees. How was it done? His friend working in a hotel helped him cure his illness.   Astonishingly, the doctor desired to know the friend’s style of treatment. He suggested him to cut all the four legs of the bed and the problem was instantly over. There was no delusion now as his health was improving day by day. This was the veracity of doctor-patient connection.