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Dog's theft gets still but filling fun

20, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Amid regular relevance of the closed-circuit cameras, the use of dogs for the house safety is nowadays heavily doubted. It is owing to this reason the residents are not keeping these throaty animals for the cause of the safety. However, there are adequate numbers of the residents whose belief stays upon the barking dog. They do not wholly dwell on the electronic devices. In view of this propensity one rich person tied up a ferocious dog at his exit big-sized iron gate. None dared to go near the dreadful animal for not only its loud voice but also strong bite.

These traits were enough to purge proximity of them. When others enquired of the purpose of bringing a good-breed dog at the door, the moneyed man always indicated at the point of safety and security motives. His short and straight words used to be filled with his immense confidence and profound poise. He invariably spent a lot of time believing that if he could work through the ordeal of caring a brutal dog, he would blissfully enjoy sleep at every night of the passing day without any concern or least worry. This was his excellent thought developed into his brainy mind without help.

By keeping a dog he slightly focussed on living a normal life. In his stylish view, a socially defined normalcy is not something he would prefer to avoid at any cost. Commonly we cling to our own good or bad experiences as a yardstick. Though the wealthy individual kept the dog for routine security none dared to burgle his house. His hopes dashed one day when he found his dog was stolen suddenly. What he shared in the public life turned out a cause of direct annoyance. His straight reaction came in favour of the cameras.