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How could donkeys share jail journey?

29, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: A considerable length of time was spent on the discussion over the donkeys who were imprisoned for grazing the costly plants. How could these mute animals distinguish between the expensive and inexpensive vegetation? After all, they are declared donkeys for the past 5000 years. They were supposed to have shown its ancestral African ass nature and turned feral despite warnings.

As we have viewed on the television they were running out of the prison gate swiftly as if nothing had happened in their lives despite 96-hour punishment. Their four days’ imprisonment would surely not have brought any remarkable change in their normal animal instinct.

As many as eight donkeys were kept inside the Urai jail for the serious crime of destroying costly plants brought for placing into deep down the ground. According to the reports, the donkeys were let roam around the jail area in spite of several warnings.

The owner has become famous for his donkeys’ criminal act. And definitely, these eight donkeys have also attained a celebrity status by its jail journey.

Were those donkeys able enough to express its bad experience of the jail? These animals could not share its short-term experience with the human criminals.

Stray animals are kept in the Nagar Nigam animal’s pond but when the donkeys are going wild the jail is the only destination. None of the animal lovers has come forward in raising a solid voice in support of the voiceless animals.

Their direct utilization in their traditional profession is being maintained by the particular community. Perhaps, the donkeys’ continued existence is directly associated with the washer-men.

Meanwhile, the BJP spokesperson during the debate on television news channel has agreed on extending damages to the donkeys’ owners. This is so because its owners are priceless in many ways without a doubt.