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Engineer turns to burlesque after IT jobs run out

29, Sep 2017 By bhaade_ka_tattu

Mumbai. A 28-year old engineer called Derek James, exhausted by the diminishing job prospects in the IT field has decided to end his life by joining a burlesque dance club.

Derek, who now goes by the name Dolly, felt that enough was enough when he was asked to leave the IT company he had worked in since the past 6 years due to management-ordained layoffs.

After completing his engineering from Delhi, Dolly moved to Mumbai to work in IT, as a Project Trainee. ‘I gave my first job my everything,’ he reminisces, sadly, ‘They made me work every weekend, they paid me peanuts and after I complained to HR that I was allergic to peanuts, they reduced my salary further and started paying me in cornflakes. After this, I stopped complaining and accepted the turns my life was taking.”

‘Last month, when my boss arranged for the team to meet him over tea, he announced a company-wide 20% layoff. Which meant that 10 people from our team would be asked to leave. When he gave me my pink slip, I accepted it and my two months’ advance salary quietly. I was tired of fighting with the management.’

‘I spent a year searching for jobs all over India, but in vain. Every company told me that they had frozen hiring and that prospects in the IT industry was diminishing day-by-day. After a friend took me to a burlesque strip club to cheer me up, after five whiskeys, suddenly I felt that inspiration had been in front of me right from the beginning. Maybe I was a failure in IT, but I could be a success in burlesque!’ he said, his eyes shining with hope.

‘And I wasn’t wrong. I am a very successful burlesque dancer now. The women here have told me that I have a very beautiful bone structure, and my hips were naturally made for dancing,’ says Dolly proudly.

As Dolly, Derek has experienced an extreme feeling of liberation and aims to go to the US to join Broadway someday. ‘That’s the dream,’ he concludes, ‘to go to the US and show them my exotic dance routines!’

This Faking News reporter finds Dolly’s dreams inspiring and would urge readers to explore unique professions such as burlesque and not be constrained by meaningless variables such as their gender.