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What exactly are their marriage plans?

24, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Strange how men enjoy living a bachelor life. It is not always privation, though they are good at making the best of straitened circumstances. They seem to struggle under that kind of hesitation which goad them to have the benefit of celibacy. Rahul Gandhi and Salman Khan are the two most eligible bachelors. What exactly are their ideas on wedded life? When the tinsel town star is made to answer this kind of question, he plainly escapes direct reply by saying a totally different version. One youth raised this query at the Big Boss platform. They are not yet able to decide on their respective marriages. The country seems to be disturbed at this simple uncertainty.

Gandhi family scion Rahul Gandhi was once asked by the keen journalists, he suggested them not to worry much about his marriage plans. One is devoted to the politics and another is fully dedicated with the filmdom. Their familiarity has been broadened far and wide and there is no paucity of their fans pampering and eulogising them at every appropriate time. Strangely enough, they also know how to win the people’s hearts but despite their maturity, they are altogether not choosing the other half. It can surely be not a Himalayan task for showing willingness towards the indigenous and traditional wedding rites.

Odd, one considers if any of them had been married up till now, the oft-repeated question would not be present. One is at the pinnacle of his film career while another is aspiring to toe the line of his ancestors. It is commonly said that the successful persons engage in nuptial knots for attaining the ordained family bliss but they appear to be neglecting this age-old aspect. They were married if they had seriously ever thought of this particular point, is not it so?