Tuesday, 19th November, 2019

Family humiliated for not providing rasgulla's during Teesra

22, May 2018 By the_frustated_indian

New Delhi: A family in Delhi was humiliated in front of several people of society for an insufficient arrangement during the teesra of their family member who recently passed away.

Ram, who belongs to a middle-class family was having fun with his family one fine evening when he received the news that his brother had passed away in an accident. Ram immediately started calling various hotels to book rooms and various catering providers to arrange chappan bhog.

People from all over the country showed up to mourn(celebrate) the death of ram’s brother. Some were his close relatives, some his friends. Most of them were people from his samaj who did not even know him. It is just a joy to watch how all the people come up with unique ideas to help their loved ones. If you think about it, if the family is busy doing all the arrangements for the 3 days 2 nights package for all the people who are coming over, they won’t be mourning over the death of their loved one the entire time.

But even when the people around Ram left everything and came out to support him, Ram forgot to provide Rasgulla’s to all the guests after the four-course meal. Ram should understand that just providing accommodation, food, distributing utensils and gifts is not acceptable for this kind of occasion.

After some people humiliated Ram for his reckless and irresponsible behavior, the Ram’s family assured everyone that they will make up for this mistake when another member of his family bites the dust.