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Father unpurturbed by odd talk

23, Apr 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Seldom have we found the young son conversing with his dad. But the girls are a little bit different. They try to find time for the father and talk on every genuine topic. That is why the fathers generally love their daughters till the life’s final journey.

Sitting on the respective long chairs in a well-kept lawn, the conversation between the father and the daughter was going on in the evening hours. The breeze was fairly soothing as the sun was almost not disturbing.

Suddenly the research scholar girl’s boyfriend approached there. The girl’s eyes were open but breathing quickened fast. Now she took on the critical situation with her composed mind. Her head tilted back with a nearly silent gasp.

Her father’s continuous changing temper goaded the girl to ask the boyfriend whether you have bought the book, “Dad is at Home” written by Rampal Yadav. Bewildered! The friend replied in the negative.

Undeterred by the peculiar situation he also requested her to offer him Keemti Anand’s book “Where Should I wait for you.” It was that requirement which prompted him to come to her, he stated.

The girl pointed out that she had possessed that particular book but he could take Prem Bajpai’s Book “Under the Mango Tree.” The boyfriend decided to go back as he was aware of the girl’s uneasiness.

Before leaving the place he again beseeched her to bring the book “Call you in five minutes”, written by Anand Bakshi but she brought John Abraham’s “I won’t let you down.”

The father was attentively hearing their interesting and double-meaning talk. He was curious to know how the boy has read so many books. So he asked his daughter of his reading capacity.

She started praising his intelligence.Her father persuaded the daughter for reading Prem Chand’s book, “Old Men are not stupid.”