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Father's fad, son's spin ground all

01, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR:  “No gym, yoga classes will do the needful”, said the father to his wayward son. He thought if he should join the yoga classes regularly he will improve. So he without much delay got him admitted to a Yoga Training Centre for three months. What actually led him to take this decision was his bad habit of smoking. How had the son fallen into this nasty tendency was beyond his close watch? But when the young boy had developed the mistaken inclination to smoking, he wanted to bring him in normal condition.

As one of the yoga trainers was quite conversant with the son’s father, it was pretty easier for him to provide every detail of the son. The instructor made him exercise only those postures which could help him control the mind. The young son was showing enough interest in learning the not-so-tough yoga asana. It was his deep interest which kept him totally engrossed into the training. Being young in age the son was improving day by day as his trainer’s guidance for the control tactics proved reasonably beneficial for him.

Although he was admitted to the centre for three long months, yet his improvements were noticeable in just two months. He almost left smoking within these sixty days. He was quite contented with this change in his horrid habit. His distressed father was also pleased with the alteration in his chain smoking habit. He never visualised of this natural habit. Every father wants good of his and such consideration also dominated his mind. Therefore he was awaiting completion of one more month with impatience.

Punctuality and dedication also pay as this was clear from the changing behaviour of the young son. What more was needed to a father? He began counting the remaining days because he also desired to take him to a doctor who could help the son in some other way. Actually the father only wanted that his disobedient son would completely discard the habit of smoking. The days were now over and the son got permission to leave the centre. He was happy to put himself forward from the habit of smoking. But his father found him one day smoking with the help of his one leg. This scene was so disturbing for a poor father that he was still lying in the coma at a hospital’s intensive care unit.