Friday, 26th April, 2019

Fear freezes mind

04, Aug 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Fear of anything freezes the effective mind in a jiffy. Sometimes the situation blocks up our mental ability to find an immediate solution at the critical moment. If one returns completely safe from such a dangerous situation, it is certainly because of one’s ready mindedness at that time. Various reports in regard to the appearance of reptiles in homes were being received these days.

Just a day or two days ago one 35-year-old Gurugram woman was wholly surprised to see a five-foot-long male Indian black python coiled up in her kitchen. When the resident picked up the gas lighter to ignite the burner, she spotted something moving under it. It was a fright of her life.

She took at least ten minutes to recuperate from sudden dread. As it was only after then she alerted her husband and immediate neighbours. She accepted that it was for the first time she had seen a reptile in her life. Also, this was the first time a python was found in the city’s house. Her presence of mind worked as she informed the authorities concerned for necessary act though it was delayed much.

Lately, we got to know how a woman finds herself in the midst of a python on her bed in London. It was a very, very horrible spectacle for her. The English woman was bewildered to find a 3-feet python by her side on the bed in a flat in Kensington, West London. It was also a fright of her life. She must have been a strong-hearted lady that she jumped out of the bed screaming and shrieking after catching sight of the curled up snake. While darting away from the room she did not forget to close the room door. She showed enough courage in tackling the terrible situation.

Similarly, some time ago a fashionable woman suddenly saw a monkey standing before her in the house. She started crying throatily till the primate did not run away from the entrance of her flat at the third storey of a building. Was her screaming with full intensity scared the monkey? She said she had no other option than yelling at that position which luckily worked for her.