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Female flames fury of fight

16, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Everything is possible. A man can wander with another’s wife if the woman allows so. Despite all the sophisticated lifestyle none allows wandering away with another’s wife in our great wonderful country. Nonetheless, it is not possible even in the whole of Indian sub-continent without problems. A man can roam with a lion in the bazaar of Karachi but could he have the guts to walk with another man’s wife? Now, it is verified that one can ramble with the jungle king ‘lion’ but not with the house queen.

One modest man blundered in trying to stroll with his neighbour’s wife on the road. They were disturbed with the power cuts. They were seen walking and conversing all along. In the meantime, the wife’s hubby suddenly appeared and after the searing verbal arguments with the proud person, passers-by saw bodily squabbles in indigenous style. The result was contrary to what we generally imagine. The blood was profusely coming out from that man’s forehead.

Realising the husband’s intensity of rage, the prudent wife yelling at the man with whom she was walking encouraged her angered husband to beat him rigorously so that he could not repeat such feat once again. What kind of a man is this? He tends to show no interest in accompanying her wife on a spontaneous stroll while craving for another’s spouse. Hearing these harsh words the battered person regained fresh zeal and started beating the woman’s husband.

Looking at the changed scenario the woman modifying her line of thought exhorts the trampled man to beat her husband for the fault of one genuine reason. That man gets bewildered by listening to these very blatant expressions. He approached the woman for her language fires. In a fit of fury, the woman came back with the plea that she insisted on beating her husband for he neither accompanied for a walk nor allowed others to take her on a stroll.