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Females favour Whatsapp talk

11, Sep 2018 By shakeel ahmad

It was definitely an out of the ordinary case. In Uttar Pradesh’s Amroha district a marriage was allegedly broken off on an issue uncleared. However, excessive use of Whatsapp or dowry demand has been alleged with this bizarre development. Whatsapp seems to be overshadowing dowry demand. If it was right, it could be a warning signal to the females who normally keep themselves emotionally involved with this online application.

Though it is a widely used handy method for sheltering in uninterrupted conversation, the females despite knowing the phrase ‘excess of everything is bad’ hooks up with the application even after a limit. It is the modern-day faster application revolutionising the course of women’s nature.

Earlier, they used to pass the free time in a face-to-face group conversation. Their tendency has completely reversed now. They prompt to conclude their impromptu talks through the Whatsapp way.

When they seemingly get tired in typing their mixed alphabets along with emojis, they begin resorting to the voice message. Because it was over and over again said that the fingers turned tired but the women’s mouth can never tire out, so they continue to pander to the voice message. It can be full of meaning, loud or irregularly growly. They switch it with their dizzying speed in accordance with the receiver. They did not hesitate in stepping over the line from the naughty fun to an acerbic jibe.

The peculiarities in the adverse situation of marriage pointed to both the causes. It was alleged that the bride remained terribly connected with Whatsapp. The bridegroom’s side claimed that the marriage was snapped owing to bride’s Whatsapp addiction. She was sending her messages to her in-laws even before the wedding. Are females directing their affinity with the electronic devices? Their liking for social media appears to be increasing.