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Feminist sues couple for giving birth to a girl child without its consent

28, Feb 2019 By Guddu Gangster

A couple from Kolkata, West Bengal, 28 year old Sudipto Ghoshal and his wife, 26 year old Nibedita Ghoshal were recently sued by a feminist on accounts of infringement of human rights, assault, immorality and outrage of modesty for giving birth to their own child.

The feminist, 39 year old Sujata Bojhondar is apparently very outraged by the fact that the couple gave birth to a child who according to her was not at all willing to be born yet. “The baby was clearly not ready to come out in this horrible male dominated world and wanted to stay inside the womb. It started crying from the moment it was brought out from her mother’s womb, which I think is a very clear sign from a baby that it doesn’t approve of the delivery. The doctors might say that’s a normal reaction of new born infants but I don’t believe them, they are delusional”, said Ms.Bojhondar to Faking News. Our reporters have also found that Ms. Bojhondar has been quite a regular and enthusiastic participant in many of the recent organized mob attacks on doctors in the state run hospitals.

According to Ms. Bojhondar, who knows the alleged couple through a common friend, it is inhuman to force a baby to live a life in this world just because her parents decided on it. A suit was filed by her on Monday in Kolkata High Court against the parents and the doctors alleging that they manhandled and assaulted the baby and outraged its modesty. “The doctors took only the consent of the parents before the delivery but never bothered to ask the child. The poor child was not even clothed at the time of delivery and they didn’t even think twice before touching her! No woman should ever go through such a dreadful experience in her life” said Ms. Bojhondar on Tuesday.

Ms.Bojhondar is a graduate from Jadhavpur University in Sociology and identifies herself as a non-comformist and is an important member of an international, feminist organization called “Death To All Men”, committed to achieving gender equality and women’s rights. She also said that it saddens her to see the mother so happy. “Being a woman herself she must know the pain of living in such a disgraceful patriarchal society. It is sad that she failed to think better of her own daughter and decided to show her the light of day”, she added.

The infuriated feminist who is being accused by many as a jobless, depressed and attention seeking psychopath told our reporters that she doesn’t want any publicity from this and is only doing it as an act to bring about a change in our presently “chauvinistic society” and to reform the country’s legal system which is “highly biased against women”. When asked why she didn’t react in the same manner when the couple became pregnant with a baby boy just a year ago, Ms. Bojhondar responded by saying “Its a boy afterall, it doesn’t need any support for its rights. Men are already way too privileged for that”.

Meanwhile, the alleged couple preferred to stay away from the media frenzy and refused to make a clear response on the matter saying they don’t want such a momentous occasion in their life to be ruined by a 39 year old, lonely, depressed, frigid woman’s insanity. The couple is currently busy organizing a celebartion with friends and family and remains unavailable for comments.