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FIR launched against Chakhna Chor by 4 of his drinking pals

19, May 2017 By advancedmaushi

Despite several reminders and warnings about non-drinkers to go slow on the Chakhna Keshav Sud once again went out to a house party with his friends and nibbled 80% of Chakhna like a domestic rat. Upset with this repeated dastardly act 4 of his friends reported him to the nearby Shaitan Chowki police station.

A senior inspector P.K. Girpade said that any kind of such inhuman act will not be tolerated and strict action would be taken against Keshav. We also contacted some senior veteran Bollywood drunks to take their precious view points on the subject:

The Chakhna Chor being consolidated by anther friend over his trouble
The Chakhna Chor being consolidated by anther friend over his trouble

Rishi Kapoor: I remember this time when Ranbir was 2 years old and usual I was having my peg of scotch with Neetu, when Ranbir crawled across the table and had a couple of wafers from my plate. I smacked him on his head, you guys should not blame him for his movie choices, it is because of this his head doesn’t function properly.

Salman Khan: I get very angry, aisa koi karta hai kya? Once Vivek robbed some from my plate, I ran over his career. The second incident when a man stole from my Chakhna at a bar in Bandra and was trying to disguise as one of the men who sleep on the footpath, rest is history.

HRD ministry have issued a strong statement against all Chakhna Chors that this a crime of grave nature and culprits would be dealt with strictly as per the laws. Rajnath Singh ne bhi iss ghatna par apni kadi ninda vyakt ki hai.

2 mins silence for his other 4 friends.