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Fowl meat seller's beefy brain

02, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

Fowl meat seller’s beefy brain

KANPUR: That short-statured man never compromises on the money matters. Though he considers himself a cool guy he takes out the adequate advantage of the situation in a very polite and suitable manner. His business-oriented tone is fantastic. Being a small chicken meat merchant he always aims at the profits. His computation skills compel him not to fall into the vicious trap of bad loss in the sale.  This observable propensity dominates over his everyday retail or wholesale dealings. Since the day he entered into the chicken meat business, he has not changed himself much.

Though his family status required him to choose sundry jobs in his initial days, he was somehow got into the chicken business in order to put his capable hands on. His wife’s family co-operated him in running the chicken meat trade. His shrewd attitude helped him run this meaty dealing. As the time passed by he developed handiness in the deft ways of dealing. Now he is quite adept in confounding the customers.

When one man approached his shop to buy the white meat, he first denied the availability of the lightweight chicken. A few minutes later he asked him to fetch that kind of chicken from the storeroom in the adjacent locality. This storehouse was quite farther from his shop. In order to save money, he made the humble consumer bring the small-sized chicken from the distant store.

As the customer was to entertain a guest he unwillingly went at the dingy spot along with his helper. What was his responsibility was made to be performed by the modest consumer? This was his cheap mentality just to save some money. Even those sellers purchasing chicken in bulk blame him for his trickery. They unanimously criticise him for his clever tricks.

He always thinks his stand perfect and faultless despite the annoyance of the customers. Denying every admonition he expressed that he was a candid guy supporting values. Is he holding ideal spirit? A trader vows to follow the principle of truth but he cannot maintain this solemn avowal behind his obligatory thinking on the line of Merchant of Venice. His off beam temperament only aims at the eye of the fish but totally avoids accepting the moral science propounded by great people.