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Girls do show thrifty bent of mind

22, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: When a street vendor brought a cart full of various kinds of the plastic stylish items in the newly inhabited lane of a prominent locality of this city, one under-graduate girl student beseeched her primary school teacher mother to buy a certain piece of attractive thing manifestly a decorative bit, she outrightly asked her for spending money from the personal collections. This annoyed the daughter to a certain extent and she continued to urge her strict mother for buying the item. But her every effort was in vain.

Likewise, another intermediate class student in the neighbourhood also did not incline to spend her money collected during the annual grand festive occasion. She was so adroit as she kept the whole amount of money in the currency’s bigger denomination. This directly helped her to make excuses of no change at every moment whenever her extravagant mother made her spend the money on that kind of collection. Here the young girl was also thrifty and very economical. She was so intelligent as to find every skilful way in order to extract the required amount of money from her simple parents at the time of need.

Both the glaring instances were sufficiently approving how the girls are used to be parsimonious in using up the money which they usually save for themselves. They begin to spin different narratives for giving artificial respiration to keep up their individual’s savings despite all the odds encircling them. They are habitually never overgenerous in squandering the currency notes but even continue to goad their elders for open-handed use of the currency notes. They never care to think of how their parents do weep blood in anguish while paying a big amount of quarterly fee. Their mind seems to function fast only for saving the personal money saved by them.