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Government caps reservation at 100%

28, Jul 2016 By MRP

New Delhi: After numerous hours of debate over several parliament sessions and cabinet meetings, the government has finally decided to increase reservation to 100% and cap it at that level. This applies to all sections, sectors, departments, organizations and other places where reservation is now provided. Today’s decision was based on the recommendation by a high level committee set up to look into the matter.

A government spokesperson briefed media soon after the decision was announced. “This aspect had to be addressed on priority. That is why successive governments debated over this whenever they got a chance over several years. Finally, a consensus was reached among the ruling party, opposition party, and all other parties. All felt that, for the good of the nation, the reservation should be increased to 100% and should not be increased further at any cost and hence the cap.”

Protestors rally for more than 100% reservation
Protestors rally for more than 100% reservation

However, some politicians and some sections of people were not happy with the development. Upon being asked for reaction, the President of a group that advocates reservation made scathing remarks. He said, “Who is the government to decide on the percentage? It has to be decided by the people, not politicians. 100% is not enough.”

When told that nothing can be more than 100%, let alone reservation, he got furious. “It is a conspiracy. Why can’t reservation be more than 100%? I am not talking about other things. Only reservation!”

“But, Sir, how can anything be more than the whole?”

“Why not? How else do you accommodate the aspirations of all the new castes, tribes and other groups that are being identified and included in the list? Why should only some people enjoy the benefits?”

“Sir, if new groups are given reservation, then the % reservation for the existing groups will have to decrease. That is the only way.”

“There you go. I knew this. I told you it is a conspiracy. You people do not want to extend reservation to those that deserve, those who have been deprived so far. And you want it to be reduced for those groups that already have it. You are against reservation. No way will we allow this to happen.”

“Sir, but, it is simple arithmetic. All reservation put together, it can’t exceed 100%. Look any place or any country. Nowhere is there so much reservation, if at all it is there. Now you are saying it should be more than 100% which is illogical.”

“You are illogical. In other countries, population is less. So it is ok. We are more than a billion people. So the reservation should also be proportionate. 100% is nothing.”

Saying this, the President left in order to address people whom he had already called for a rally to protest the government decision.