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Govt makes it mandatory to put LED display boards on vehicles to show swear words in 3 languages

29, Mar 2018 By electroman

Our Transport Ministry has made it mandatory for all vehicles to have LED Scrolling Display boards. What is the purpose of these boards? It is to display the swear words uttered by the driver under daily circumstances when he comes across the rush hour traffic and unruly drivers. Did you ever wonder if the passing driver or a pedestrian has heard your Ch**iya or Be*****od. Now you don’t have to worry, The LED Display board will clearly show the word to the targeted person in 3 different languages namely English, Hindi and the preferred local language.

Truck driver Harbhajan all set to take on the road
Truck driver Harbhajan all set to take on the road

This technology has been implemented with the help of major corporations of the world. The voice recognition from Amazon’s Alexa, Translation from Google, LED panel will be made by Reliance and it will be powered by Adani’s solar panels. Facebook has also provided its face recognition technology to decipher even partially uttered swear words and the ones with just lip movements. Google will also provide the gesture recognition technology to translate middle finger gestures to words.

The panels have to be fitted on the front and back of the vehicle to benefit the readers. JIO will provide free roaming and auto language change facility when the vehicle is going to a different state. The panels also come with default words like “Teri maa ki______”

and “_______ F*****R”. There is also bluetooth connectivity in case two persons are involved in a long conversation exchanging words all the while enjoying the AC of their cars.

The premium version will have the same swear words played in a loudspeaker as well for 100% confirmed delivery. The voice options will include Amitabh Bachchan, Irrfan Khan, Rajinikanth, Vidya Balan and Sachin Tendulkar. Upgrades will allow people to pass lewd remarks in display boards which is expected to be a huge hit in Delhi. The ultimate version will have jammer which will disable all the displays in the vicinity of your vehicle which is the preferred choice for politicians.