Grace & wealth are basics of life

06, Jan 2018 By shakeel ahmad

“Smartness and lavishness are nuts and bolts of the mundane life”, so said a young mother. Strong penchant for lavish life entered into her brain because she did not want to look inferior before others.

She used to make such profound leanings. She has changed her thinking significantly.

She might have acceded to such kind of lifestyle from Dubai where she had spent several years of her life. It should be called her Dubai delight which led her to form different kinds of unique stances.

She was indeed following the principle of the luxurious life which, according to them, was just a transitory phase in one’s life and sort of an artificial, crazy way of life.

She was not hesitant in preference for her son a foppish life. She goaded him to put on the trendy designer clothes and move into the fabulous car as this will improve his social dignity, as she felt. Meanwhile, she also mentioned that once her fine amazing dress helped a lot. Several requested her to help in completing their e-mail status, receiving the postal papers and etc. This was because of her appearance as an office-going classy woman.

Her brain never frozen or stopped working in such strange situation, she cleared.

Although it all looked quite funny to her yet she never disrespected them by her direct denial. It showed her kindness too.

She used to go to her hubby’s distantly existed shop in Dubai. Staying in that part of the wide world she craved enough to converse with their near and dear ones, so she was reaching the shop as usual. Her superficial appearance and elegant gait prompted individuals to seek her help when they needed utmost.

It is a dull reality of life but it cannot be unrealistic in a strong sense.