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Guy claims to actually like engineering, ostracized by everyone

27, Jun 2018 By Gatha

A young man from a well-known Engineering college has been ostracized, shunned from his social groups after he claimed to actually like Engineering. It is believed that the reaction  was aggravated because the said person was from Mechanical Engineering.

The young man, whose identity has been kept hidden for safety purposes, is currently pursuing Bachelor’s in Engineering (final year) and wishes to opt for a Master’s in Engineering as well.

All cow vigilantes fighting amongst themselves
All cow vigilantes fighting amongst themselves

The triggering incident occurred in the wee hours. The man and a couple of his classmates were discussing the syllabus for the upcoming academic year on a WhatsApp group when someone cursed Engineering. This one complaint led to a series of slurs and expletives by other members of the group. One person reportedly said opting Engineering was the biggest mistake of his life. This in turn, led to a string of messages conveying sympathy. Another person said he will probably begin writing poetry after he is done with this ‘shit’. This garnered a lot of encouragement, says a reliable source. It was when the man in question wrote, ‘It’s not shit, I like it. C’mon, it’s not that bad!’ that led to an explosion. To add to the fuel, he actually wrote, ‘We all chose to be here for one reason or another’. It was followed by a string of derogatory messages which are unsuitable for publishing.

The final nail came when someone from the group said sarcastically that ‘Yeh toh masters ke liye jaayega'(this one will go for a Master’s degree) and the man actually said ‘Yes wahi plan hai mera toh’ (yes, that is my plan); this eventually led to the man’s removal from the WhatsApp group.

The young man faced snickers and stares at his college the next day. Although he tried to ignore it, the tension and hostility were palpable, sources say.

He is currently under a secure environment where only his closest friends and family can reach him. Some of his friends who like Engineering as much as he does are treating the incident as a warning. ‘He is being extremely strong. I wouldn’t last a day’, says one friend, whose identity has been kept under-wraps, again for safety purposes. ‘He set an example by saying what he wanted to do, but at what cost?’, asks another one.

The people who have ostracized him on the other hand think it’s just a phase. ‘Too much stress does that too you’, says one member from the WhatsApp group. ‘He needs an intervention’, says another member, obviously concerned. One member, when asked by the reporter what he felt about the man’s plans, folded his hands and looked skywards, and said, ‘This too shall pass.’

The incident has created tension amongst the students of the said Engineering college, as it has been alleged that there is an underground support for the man who likes Engineering, despite a very vocal opposition for the same.