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IT guy undergoes 'sex-change' operation for fair treatment

22, Aug 2016 By varunsundars

‘Becoming a woman soon…’ status at FB

With mounting work pressure in top MNCs across the nation Mr. Sakthi an employee of the popular firm ‘Avventure’ had applied for a vacation leave recently. So you may think, what’s new in this? Moreover all of us go in vacation to escape tortures of our supervisors right? The special thing about this incident is that Mr. Sakthi is planning for a trip to Bombay to undergo ‘sex-change’ operation! The incident came to spotlight when Sakthi shared his status as ‘Becoming Woman soon…’ on his FB wall and tweeted the same as well. This status has gone viral with number of shares rising to 5 figure mark and the hash tag #Sakthi’sSexChange trending even above the ever so popular #MelaniaTrumpPics and #SleepingBeautyRahul.

Sakthi’s bold status has sparked hot discussions all over the social media including new ones sprouted a few days back, regarding pathetic condition of men today in all sectors and especially in IT companies. Our FakingNews Correspondent Mr. Varun Sundar went on a special mission to uncover the woes and poor work conditions of Indian male employees and the results were shocking!

Sakthi planning to improve his glamour quotient among his managers to woo them for better pay!
Sakthi planning to improve his glamour quotient among his managers to woo them for better pay!

Pathetic state of Male employees:

An anonymous employee from another leading torture.. sorry technology firm by name ‘Emposys’ said he hardly remembered his son’s name and his son barely recognized him as father as well! Another employee accused that while female employees were sent to home at 6:00 in the evening by managers itself even without finishing the day’s work with a tight security at cab to drop them even into their home’s veranda, male employees are strictly monitored by security to ensure they don’t leave before 9:00 pm!

An employee of the ‘Avventure’ firm cried with extreme tears saying, “Bhaai! I must have been born as a girl to get free salary even without working!”. The company reserves 33% of jobs to women which now has itself has increased to 93%. While men were driven out by giving poor performance ratings every year, women seem to be promoted in name of women empowerment leaving a bunch of Female managers with no potential employees to work under them itself as every male is driven out and every female is promoted!

‘Performed Below Below Below.. expectations’ rating:

Further Mr. Sakthi spoke to our special correspondent about how he was forced to make this decision after being verbally abused in a polite manner in one of the conference rooms for not completing the project. They have even created ‘performed below below below…n expectations’ rating specially to rate him in his annual review to facilitate his smooth firing process! He also added that one of his fellow project mate who happened to be a girl was meanwhile appreciated for her work in the same project infront of him! She was also promised to be given on-site opportunity as reward for her good work while male employees virtually beg for it before managers for ages and ages. What a partiality.

House Husbands count on a rise!

As the number of house husbands (employees who choose to accept their mother/wife as manager rather than the real one) is on a steep rise, the year 2030 may see only women working at corporate sector if all men started to handle this pathetic situation like our Sakthi! Here it is to be noted that Mr. Sakthi has no need to change his name as it matches with the names of both the sexes and for this Sakthi feels very thankful to his parents who were foresighted to know about his decision before-hand!