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Hindu Wives file a PIL for Right to Triple Talaq

05, Jan 2018 By burabandar

Whereas the Supreme Court, the Government & the opposition continued to engage in a slugfest over euthanasia to Triple Talaq, it got an unlikely support from one quarter. Hindu wives across the nation have come together and filed a PIL with the top court for be allowed a Right to Triple Talaq.

An official communique from the Hindu Wives Association read as follows, “While we represent Hindu wives, our sisters from other religions, be it Islam, Christanity, Sikhs, Jains, Parsis, all of them are welcome to join this cause. We, the women have been abused since Sita took on the fires or maybe earlier and this needs to stop somewhere. This powerful tool, this absurdly potent weapon can not be a heritage of Muslim men only. We want it, we need it, we will have it! Let this not be religious, let it not be limited to repeating Talaq 3 timess, we are also ok with hanging a couple of punctured lemons on the door when the guy comes in. This can be taken on as a visual sign of divorce.”

This unexpected move has obviously created a political storm. The Congress party as usual is trying to figure out if wants to appease the Muslim women or the rest of the women – this will be another test for Piddi’s Pedigree. The BJP on the other hand is planning to launch a selfie with hubby campaign to test the willingness of women to get clicked with their spouses.

For the men on the other hand, the initial euphoria over the news has died down & led to a mass depression. Whatsapp has reported an absolute drop to near Zero of all the wife bashing jokes on the Social Media platform. Google has also witnessed a massive jump in search related to ‘Bais Wanted’, ‘How to iron underwear’, ‘When to flush the toilet’ and related womanly duties.