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Holiday trip with wife lacks pleasure

28, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Vacation with wife never gives a nicer experience. It gives us a feeling of changing the location from plains to hilly areas.  So it is always safer to go all alone on a vacation trip. Vacations in the hilly areas are liked by the people. This is so because they want to relax in colder regions from the hot climate of the plains. So, the families move to several destinations where they can enjoy the days in a totally casual way.

There are several people who prefer go individually as they want absolute freedom in life for that particular period of time. There are countless people who enjoy the trip to mountainous locations along with one and all. This tendency gives enough opportunity to the children accompanying their parents for the summer vacations in somewhat icy destinations. They take pleasure in seeing new places, lakes, mountains and splendid natural ambience.

There are married couples who have a preference for visiting the locations providing natural scenic beauty all alone. The husband chooses a different location and the wife selects the destination of her mood. They could say that they possess every right to decide on separate locations for passing their respective vacations. The wife shows a likeness to accompany her husband on vacations trip. The drawback is that certain husbands grow an unfavourable inclination of going on a holiday trip alone. They want to feel free without the wives’ interference.

When a group of husbands with such peculiar tendency and temperament were found to be wholly enjoying the carefree moments on the beach in Goa, they were asked by the media persons about their propensity. “How nice it would have been if you were accompanied your respective wives?” They replied quickly with confidence, “Going on vacation along with wife appears more like a change of location.”