Humanity saves girl from vain drill

18, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: As usual she got ready for the school and continued to wait for the bus. The motor vehicle did not arrive despite several minutes’ wait on the road. This caused a little irritation for the time was running fast. Some students of the school appeared going towards the school by their cars. One approaching van turned backwards from the spot she was standing on. Amid a perplexing situation between delay in bus arrival and ignorance about the sudden declaration of the holiday, she remained undecided. In the meantime, there stopped a battery-driven rickshaw her informing her of the impromptu holiday in the school. The driver was really a kind-hearted man.

Thanking him for this big generosity she thought with a kind of faint, anaemic satisfaction that none of the school buses has passed this main thoroughfare. It must be some reason behind this thing. Therefore, she realised making a tremendous mental effort that the rickshaw driver provided the correct information in regard to the holiday. She came to her home and escaped from going to the school uselessly. It was after entering the house, her mother let her know of the message sent by the school regarding the holiday. The reason was also clearly mentioned which was very, very painful for the students.

The climax of the situation reached its crescendo when her sister told something peculiar without encouraging enthusiasm but with an air of her usual style of winding her up. ‘Have you not seen the SMS’, she asked. The younger sister answered if she would have seen the short communication she would not have got ready for the school. Actually, the message was received on the mobile about fifteen minutes later when she left the house. Shortly after their arguments, both the sisters started conversing together with a kind of pleasing keenness.