India is visibly not Britain

20, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Unpleasant smell caused owners of the Indian eatery to pay the fine in London. This was done on the neighbours’ complaint of strong smells emanating from the restaurant. Aromas of biryanis, bhajis and curry owing to lack of sufficient filtration system caused this penalty. The residents were unable to tolerate the rotten smell. Conversely, we in India do not avail swift justice in the matter of the similar examples. Therefore, we have been accustomed to bear several kinds of bad smells. We do not find residents’ enough guts for objecting to awful odours.

The civic bodies slowly mitigate the persisting problems. What to talk of a simple action, the legal action is a long formula. India is certainly not Britain though our laws smell the British essence. We have a different tendency. We tend to be a good neighbour. But we do not think twice in preventing such kind of the nuisance. Generally, we do not habitually comply with any rigid instruction. Therefore no fear of fine is directly disturbing us instantly. Everything must be corrected if it is unduly unfavourable. We have developed a habit of throwing dirt and litter on the pathway. We do not mind if drains are stuffed. We do not care if loitering animals defecate on the middle of the road. We park vehicles on the road carelessly. We move on the road as if we are crossing the courtyard. We have a very common habit of spitting on the secluded corners caring a fig for others’ annoyance over it. Though our country moves ahead with cleanliness drive, there is no imperative stopping the speedy shooting tobacco spit unswervingly.

There is no dearth of people complaining of unbearable putrefied smell entering our houses and it is as overpowering as we cannot stop in opening the doors. But we have a tendency of letting it go and feel. What we simply do is move on the exhaust fan or start the refreshing wick. The dumped garbage is burning freely in every populated area. This practice continues despite clear-cut instructions of the National Green Tribunal that prohibits trash burning. It indicates that we are not moving ahead with the civic sense and that’s why our efforts remain scanty in putting a check on this rigorous nuisance.

The smoke arising out of the burning materials directly enters into the houses and the gaseous stench is harmful in every way. However, the corporation seems helpless in controlling this whimsical exercise of its sweepers. A report says about eight lakh people are dying annually in the South-East Asian Region from this biggest environmental health risk. Almost nine out of ten people are suffering severely in the world because of the poor quality air in the environment.  Meanwhile, the fragrant air emanating from a rose water unit in our neighbourhood make possible inhale the fragrant flowers’ aroma thereby letting the residents sooth their minds somehow. This unit serves the purpose of refreshing air wicks in a way.