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Ineffectual liquor ban in Bihar

25, Apr 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Boozers violate norm despite liquor ban in Bihar. It was famous for spiritual gains but it has now been popular for different reasons. It remains on the front news, not because of Lalu Yadav only but absolutely also for the ruling party’s transgression. Of late, a young brat of BJP lawmaker dared to gulp down the banned liquor. Even the medical tests have confirmed such a violation.

The ban on sale and consumption of liquor had been enforced in Bihar for the past two long years but there was no dearth of violators. The latest case confirms the trend to some degree.

Gaya was not known for boozers in ancient times but now its surroundings are exploited for immoral acts. What remained unique was an endeavour of salvation through the unethical ways. A 25-year-old brat along with his friend indulged in the pleasure of drinking there. According to the published reports, he and his friend were allegedly caught consuming the banned liquor in the Gaya’s village.

The ruling political party in Bihar maintained a big silence while the other vital party came up with its even-handed statement on this matter. The rough pressure of this arrest was in no way agreeable and relaxing to the leaders at the commanding position.

In every ten minutes, one violation and as many as 172 arrests were reported every day. The recent addition created an adverse atmosphere for the state’s chief minister.

He did not even realise about the beautiful little world within his self before slurping the banned water until the outside world became nothing more than an illusion for him and his friend. When their scalp itched in utter pain, the pleasure of the drink turned uncontrollable. They appeared to have pounced on the tinted drink like a fierce cat waiting to sip.