Thursday, 21st November, 2019

Life remains unsafe everywhere

03, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Life is not positively safe anywhere. It is definitely at the hands of the Supreme Being. Who knows what will happen next? Recently the Mexicans and Americans have stood with this unexpected experience. When the moving trains are being derailed, the roadways buses are catching fire suddenly, the life comes from the dangerous situation. Even the heavy unmanaged road traffic makes even the pedestrians unsafe. Alertness and attentiveness are not the least essential imperatives in our daily lives. Natural disasters are uncontrollable but the man-made accidents are also not stopping.  

Disturbed with the everyday spousal fight, the husband decided to leave the house and told his cantankerous wife of his final decision. He directly reached the railway station for catching the train. Just the moment as he alighted into the passenger train’s bogey there came to a voice forbidding him to board. It was also heard to him that this train would derail ahead. So he reached the airport for boarding the flight. When he completed the stairs leading him into the aeroplane he again heard a celestial voice forecasting of the plane crash into the air. Further, he moved towards the Jhakarkatti Bus Depot. He chanced to hear that the bus would fall into the deep ditch on its way.

Irritated with these kinds of instant information he said of himself, “Who is it disturbing him?” There came a voice from within his inner self. It was then he realised of exactness of the everyday accidents occurring everywhere. These mishaps are vanishing into enquiry procedures. Somehow the system creates the illogical thrill and the common man forgets everything fatal with the sunset in the evening. Indeed our modern-day politicians are real mystics who confuse and confound the people by their mysterious tricks. They wear loose white or saffron dresses to wrap us firmly.