Man changes numerous jobs to escape from the word Senior in his designation, ends up a Senior Citizen

22, Jan 2018 By electroman

A Techie from Pune has achieved the great feat which many people are yet to attain. Kapper Borate from Kalewadi Phata area of Pune has gotten his name in the Limca record book for retiring from IT industry with 25 years of experience and without ever being promoted to a middle management role.

The never wanted to be 'senior'
The never wanted to be ‘senior’

Kapper has joined Uninfosys soon after graduation with the help of campus interview. Soon he was trained in the ways of the corporate rules an ethics, blah blah. He started as a Level 1 Junior Process associate. After completing the probation period, he got a 4 rating and a generous 10% hike. Later the US Economic downturn robbed him of an appraisal cycle, then a backstabbing level 3 associate took the promotion he deserved and so on he thrived in Uninfosys for many years while undeserving morons were travelling to various onsite locations.

One fine day he came under the right spot of the bell curve(which looks like a Middle finger) and got a promotion as Senior Process Executive. People on the floor respected him because of his knowledge in the mundane repetitive work they do in the night shift. Few appraisal cycles later, he was still in the same position. His managers even invented new senior roles to accommodate him, but he was never offered a middle management role ever.

Kapper tried changing different companies like Whybro, Theseus, etc, but he ended up with Senior Purchase Executive, Senior Copyright Engineer, Senior Technical Associate roles etc, but not even a lousy Team Leader or a Assistant Manager. He was running from company to company trying to get a management position without an MBA. People who were calling him senior because of his experience, started calling him that because of his pot belly and grey hair.

Limca book of records presented him the medal on the day of his retirement. But his happiness may be short lived, because his friend Endupin Shitole is destined to snatch the record from him in a couple of years.