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Man donates 10 lakhs to his local school and requests to rename it as B-School

23, Feb 2017 By electroman

Bangalore. In a bold move surprising his relatives and friends, a Bangalore guy has donated 10 Lakh rupees to his local school where he studied for 7 years. The Headmaster was shocked and was ready to throw a grand function in honour of him. He was also ready to change the School’s name in memory of the donor. But the guy politely refused the offer, instead he had just one request for the Headmaster. Change the name of the school to Top 10 B-school.

“B-School? Not again!”

He was one of those guys who get really irritated when the HR asks him, if he has studied in a B-School. Though he has done a better degree of Engineering for 4 years passing 50+ subjects and labs, every interviewer asks him if he has done a MBA in a B-school. Too traumatized to even touch a book after passing engineering, he was unable to join a MBA course. Even after garnering a total experience of 8 years, he is still loitering in the lowermost level in every companies he has worked for.

Though he is doing all the work supposed to be done by a TL or Manager, on paper he is a “Senior Process Specialist”, “Senior Process Executive” etc. After realizing that he will become senior citizen before ever becoming a Manager, he took the decision to change his own fate. He took all the loans he can take and managed to build a capital of 10 lakhs. Which he will invest in his scheme to change his school’s name.

Now he can boldly answer the Interview question. Yes! I’ve studied in B-School, Top 10. Now he can get promoted to middle or top management with 7 figure salary. Finally he will get the rest he deserved. The only thing he will ever need in his computer will be MS Powerpoint.