Mechanical Engineering students approach SC

27, Dec 2018 By CB

Trupti Desai and her feminist team have a new project in their hands. Mechanical Engineering students have approached them for a new cause. Demand is very simple. Mechanical Engineering students want more girls to be admitted in their class.

Confirming this development, Mechanical Engineering Students Association (MESA) secretary Arjun Kumar spoke exclusively to your news portal. He said, “During every MESA meeting subject of low diversity comes up for discussion. We have been trying to address this issue for years. However girls don’t select Mechanical Branch during admission process.”

"Allow girls else I'll eat all the boys of your college", Trupti Desai gives her last warning
“Allow girls else I’ll eat all the boys of your college”, Trupti Desai gives her last warning

After exclusive interview with Mr. Kumar, we decided to study admission data available. MESA is absolutely right. Most girls prefer admission to branches like Computer, Electronics, Electrical even Civil Engineering. There has not been any significant improvement over last 5 years. Most Mechanical Engineer classes have less than 5% girls. In case of Computer Engineering class, almost 50% students are girls.

MESA Secretary Arjun Kumar continued, “There are not enough girl students in our department. This has resulted in Mechanical Engineering students roaming outside other departments. This causes additional problems for us. Mechanical department has the lowest attendance. As a result, Professors give extra assignments to us”.

According to sources, MESA discussed this subject at length in last month’s meeting. MESA Vice President for South Division brought up subject of fight put up by feminists for rights to enter Sabrimala temple. MESA West Secretary also commented similar protest to enter Shani Shingapur temple. So MESA has decided to approach Trupti Desai for her help.

Miss Desai and her teams have held preliminary discussions with their lawyers. They’re expected to file a PIL in Supreme Court soon. Mr. Kumar expects this issue comes for hearing soon. MESA also thanked all it’s members who contributed ₹1,000 to cover legal cost and other aspects of this fight.

This PIL has not made to SC yet. Rest assured, your news portal keeping an eye on this topic and we would bring latest development as they unfold…