Tuesday, 26th March, 2019

Mind swings between choice & control

24, Feb 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Even if the famous cricketer Imran Khan’s third marriage was talked about on our television news channels with much gusto, no one looked at the simplicity followed in the formal procedures of the marriage. It should be discussed widely without the seeing into the wedding’s political angle. What most irritates the sub-continental families is the lavishness on the marriage ceremonies. How this could be done away with despite non-approval of all such unnecessary over-spending.

Arguing over the lavish arrangements over the weddings at our houses, a couple was showing deep annoyance with the practice of dowry and lavishness. However, the educated husband was quick to understand the wife’s perfect stance in some profligacy for the sake of women’s pleasure. The not-so-brainy spouse was finding shor-sharaba more imperative than the simplicity during such social occasion. How dryly were they thinking on a matter like a wedding?

One was stressing upon simple arrangements whilst another was pointing towards Dhoom-Dhadaka on such time. She was even thinking of shifting to her newly-constructed house for conducting her daughter’s marriage. She was finding her present accommodation redundant for such propitious period in her short life. Actually, she did somehow not comprehend what her husband was trying to point up. Her persistence was more vital than the husband’s insistence on low-key rituals.

The wife’s words were neither soothing nor comforting on this discussion. He watched in amazement at her verbal skill of shaping the things in accordance with her understanding. Conversing with her a while the husband laughed the entire day over her inanity. Strange how are we unable to make up our mind between choice and control?

He was beginning to notice what his other half meant, that required to discern. Being a master of the house he was yet to suitably understand the wife’s true role.